Pimax closed a near 100 million RMB round of Series A funding

Source: Pedaily

One month and a half after Pimax successfully completed its Kickstarter with $4,236,618 for its 200-degree FOV headset. The Shanghai-based VR company Pimax announced it has closed a near 100 million RMB round of Series A funding on Dec 19 2017. The round was co-led by O-Film and TMB.

O-film has mapped a development strategy that using dual engines of optoelectronic products and smart car business, to step from consumer electronics to smart car. Looking into the future, O-film will strengthen the advantages in touch control system, CCM system and FPM system, and expand to new areas such as smart car and AR/VR on the basis of advantage in optoelectronic business.

Tianma Bearing Group Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang Private Enterprises evolved over 50 years specializing in precision bearings and heavy-duty CNC machine tool manufacturing experience, is the only Chinese set “material, bearing equipment” in one of the three major industrial chain of high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises.

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