See the future — SeeYA Technology announces the world’s highest resolution Silicon-OLED display

On July 9, 2019, SeeYA Technology, a semiconductor display company, introduced two novel silicon-OLED micro displays. The first is the largest and highest resolution micro display in the world at 1.03-inches, 2560  2560 pixels, and a brightness of 3000 nits. The second, is a 0.72-inch display with a 1920  1200 pixel resolution.

The 1.03-inch display is designed for near-eye applications which require a large Field of View (FoV). With optical lenses the new SeeYA display enables a FoV of more than 100 degrees. This silicon-OLED display effectively solves key problems in current augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) device applications such as the screen door effect, motion blurring, and dizziness.

The 5G network is coming soon. Like the smart phone, AR/VR will transform the personal devices and revolutionize the way people live and work. Until now, display technology has been the bottleneck in accomplishing this goal.

Silicon-OLED displays will become the most important and critical display solution for the next generation of AR/VR devices.

Silicon-OLED is a display technology that leverages both semiconductor and OLED industry infrastructure. It delivers high brightness, high contrast ratio, high resolution, high level of system integration, low response time, and low power consumption. Those properties are uniquely suited for AR/VR and other near-eye devices. The launch of these two new products is a key milestone for SeeYA, and will transform AR/VR technology.

About SeeYA Technology

SeeYA Technology, founded in 2016, focuses on the research and development of semiconductor micro-displays. In September of 2017, SeeYA opened a new manufacturing site in Hefei, China, with a monthly production capacity of 27,000 12-inch wafers. SeeYA’s mission is to connect the real world with the virtual world through technology that empowers innovation. SeeYA’s micro displays provide strikingly vivid experiences for everyone.


SeeYA Technology • The future is near your eyes

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